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A few testimonials from clients sharing their training experience.

Hit the button below to join them and claim your free trial. 


"I started training with Connor two years ago. Having been previously very active I was forced to stop training due to hypothyroidism. I was anxious about going back to training because of having so little strength or energy but Connor understood the limitations and how to shift them progressively and safely.

I am back to training at full capacity again and loving it. Connor keeps my program varied, challenging and even adds rehabilitation exercises if I develop any niggles along the way. My energy levels have increased to previous, pre-hypothyroid levels and I have lost the weight I gained from that time and hugely increased my muscle mass.

Connor gives exactly the right amount of support for me through his online program and regular one to one training sessions to go through revised goals and any questions I have from training.

The greatest benefit to me was giving me back the confidence to train safely and progressively again since being unwell. I genuinely don't think I could've done it without him".



"I've been a regular gym goer for years but I've been considering a PT for quite some time because I wasn't achieving what I wanted to achieve.

So last year I contacted Connor and he very quickly had me booked in for a free taster session. Within the week I was booked on a 12week program. The 12 week program has taught me what i needed to be able to do in the gym to achieve my goals.

The best part of the program is the support and encouragement that you get from Connor. It's been phenomenal.

If you're a new gym-goer, or think you're an expert, Connor has something to offer you. I can't wait to continue working with him to see what else I can achieve".


"I have struggled to achieve my personal fitness goals for years .I lacked the confidence to go to the gym and the knowledge of what to do when I was there. 


That was until i started Connor's 6 week personalised fitness programme. Not only has my physical health improved but my mental health as well. Connor takes your goals and creates a plan that will guide you on your way to your perfect self. 


Connor is a lovely and appreciable coach that just wants to help you achieve your goals. I am now starting Connor's 12 week program and I can't wait to see the results of my hard work under Connor's care and guidance".

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