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Drop a dress size in just 28 days

If you want to drop a dress size in less than a month, lose weight and enjoy it then this program is for you.

And the best thing is, you don't have to be a member of a gym.

That's right. No gym is necessary

What does that mean?


- More time spent at home with the family

- Less time feeling anxious not knowing how different machines work

- Get a head start on gaining the confidence to continue your fitness journey. 

What is involved?

- Access to the full program with all the information you need to drop a dress size in 28 days. 

- You will be invited to a private Facebook group with other women taking part in the program. 

- You will have a chance to ask me anything in a weekly live Q&A through the Facebook group. 

- Pop up live workouts with me through the Facebook group. 

- Be part of a community of like-minded people with the same goals.

- Exclusive offers on individual Personal Training packages upon completion of the program. 

All for just £10.


That's right. 


Drop a dress size in only 28 days for less than the cost of a night out. 


'But there must be a catch?'

No catch. All you have to do is provide an email address below to get on the email list and receive your plan on the 31st of October once payment is made. It's that simple.

What's great about this plan is you don't have to do it alone. 

Get your friends involved for just 28 days. Make it a competition to see who makes the most progress. It's only £10. 

You only need to commit for 28 days. 

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up to the email list and get on board. Be first to hear of exclusives, promotions and daily stories to make you laugh. 

Get On The List


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