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Do you want to gain the edge on the competition?

Do you aspire to compete at a higher level? 

Invest in yourself and let the results speak for themselves? 

Join us today!

Why train for 'Sport Performance'?

With CK Engineered Fitness we understand the importance sport plays in our lives and the value a sport specific training program can add to our athletes.

Join us and discover what you can achieve.


Results-based programming 

You will receive a program specific to you and your goals within your chosen sport, and you will get quality training and see real results.


Biomechanical analysis 

You will receive analysis of your form and technique in a chosen sport and have exercises assigned to you to help aid performance in those movements.


Personal Training 

You will receive one-to-one personal training, in person or online, and receive support throughout your journey.


Real motivation; real results 

Programs are designed to push you out of your comfort zone to achieve your greatest potential within your sport. 


Complete emotional and tactical support 

You will receive full emotional and motivational support in the lead up to a game/race/competition, as well as gain some tactical input before the big day.

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