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Stuck in a rut?
Not sure where to go or who to turn to?

Need a release from daily life?

Invest in yourself and do something for you.

Join us today!

Why train for 'Mental and Physical Fitness'?

With CK Engineered Fitness we understand the importance of looking after your mental and physical health. Physical fitness is one thing but mental health is another. Combining the two in a stress free environment with incredible support is your way to a stronger and more confident self.

Join us and discover what you can achieve.


Results-based programming 

You will receive a program specific to you and your goals, and you will get quality training and see real results.


Goal setting and breaking habits 

We will discuss your goals in depth and set goals for you to achieve. We will also look at breaking bad habits and creating new ones to achieve real results. .


Personal Training 

You will receive one-to-one personal training, in person or online, and receive support throughout your journey.


Real motivation; real results 

Programs are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and show you just how much you can achieve. 


Thinking outside the box

Every week you will have a day assigned to you where you will do something outside of the box to help better develop your mental fitness. 

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